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You can choose my personal class or the online option including the driving for $350.  Although I advise taking the personal class, if the class schedule does not fit, then you can take the online course and do the drives with me.  The driving schedule is flexible.  Once payment is made and you choose the online course by contacting me directly by phone, an email is sent to your email with a link.  The student can begin.  Make sure the parent takes the student to the DMV and tells the DMV official to send the permit to Roadmasters.

Classroom or Online Course with driving…..$350

If Only the Driving is required……$270  (6 hrs)

There is no waiting list.  You can join at any time.  My classes are ongoing full circle about 7 weeks.  Arrive about 15 minutes before class time for some paperwork. 

CLASSES                                       Tuesday and Wednesday………6 to 8 PM     OR        Thursday and Friday………. 3:15 to 5:15            Choose one of those periods.  We usually do several class sessions before driving.

Classes held at 5624 Government Way  at the corner of Dalton and Government Way….easy to find


Take student to the DMV with birth certificate, high school ID, social security #, and a VOC that you can get from the high school (VOC not needed if home schooled)

More information can be found at


I started Roadmasters over 30 years ago from California to Idaho.  I cover every relevant issue with experiential backup.  I cover topics that most other instructors do not even talk about.  Also, I believe in using a safe car that is fairly new in order to do this job.  Enjoy the website.

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