Giving You What You Need

Peace of Mind Included

I use three main sources:  1. a standard text, 2. many videos, and 3. my stories and experiences.


30 Hour Classroom Program

I fully cover the following issues.
1.   car maintenance, how the gauges operate, how the car functions, young driver problems
2.   DMV manual is covered, DMV written test and road test is fully covered
3.   road signs, lane markings, rules of the road, signal lights, observational problems are fully covered
4.   driving skills and attitude problems are covered, videos are shown covering seat belts and airbags, effects of a crash, what is a safe car
5.   experiential stories of teenage crashes, dynamics of a car crash
6.   car maneuvers, parking, parallel parking, car security, and personal security
7.   intersections and other dangers, interactions with other vehicles and animals, experiential stories by the instructor
8.   defensive driving in the city, in the country, and on the freeway, interactions with the police, a car stop is fully covered
9.   weather conditions are fully covered with experiential stories
10.  emergencies are fully covered, brake failure, flat tires, jumper cables,  what to do if in a crash is fully covered
11.  road rage, medical conditions, drunk driving, alcohol is fully covered
12.  insurance is fully covered, maintenance concerning oil, tire rotation, brake issues, etc., video on buying a car
13.   buying and selling a car, dealing with mechanics
14.   Comprehensive Test
Behind-the-Wheel Program
We cover the whole area of Coeur d’Alene.
city driving, country driving, freeway driving, road test routines
For the road test, the student will know exactly how to perform in order to pass.